Animation is a method of filmmaking that is not to be overlooked, that’s why we have teamed up with the Cincinnati Animation Network (CAN) to bring you access to Cincinnati animation happenings. There are animation programs for artists, students, and enthusiasts, so feel free to drop by to any of the following recurring events and meet other animation-minded Cincinnatians.

The Animation Programs:

Animation Directors Meetings

This is a once a month accountability group for people of all skill levels who are making their own animated film or other kind of project. We talk about our progress, and issues we’re having, share our work, set goals, and provide each other support as needed. To be informed of Animation Directors Meetings, sign up for the Animation Directors Meeting mailing list.

General Meetings

This is a once a month meeting to socialize for networking and/or fun purposes. It is a good way to find out more about the people and things that make up the Cincinnati Animation Network.

Export/Import Series

A few times a year CAN reaches out to animation groups across the country to bring the latest in independent animation to Cincinnati for an informal screening.

Inbetween Festival

Starting in 2018 CAN has a goal of creating an annual animation festival here in Cincinnati that shows the best of independent animation from around the country, with a cash prize and associated animation events.

To stay in touch with animation events, subscribe to the Cincinnati Animation Network email list. Events are also announced via the Cincinnati Film Society website’s events section.