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OutReels Cincinnati 2016 Festival (Block 2)

November 5, 2016 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


SPEAK- 21 mins.

Two estranged brothers, one gay and one conservative Christian, are forced to reunite when their mother (Susan Blakely) takes to her bed and is unable to speak. The film also stars Mary Wilson, a founding member of legendary Motown music group THE SUPREMES.



The Man Crush- 11 mins.

You can’t help what the heart wants. For Trevor, he wants the man he’s been waiting for or at least he thinks. In this story, Trevor will confess his emotional feelings toward one guy who isn’t what he expected to be.



Coffee House Chronicles: Episode 6 “Jail Bait”- 9 mins.

Dan (Nicholas Downs) goes on a blind coffee date with Owen (Hunter Doohan), who turns out to be much younger than he stated in his online profile. Featuring Amy Hill as a scornful observer.


Love, Colin- 11 mins

An overworked mother and a nosy sister are simple challenges. The difficult challenge is Colin’s older half-brother, Zac. Estranged from the family after their father left, Zac returns home to stay. His presence is thrilling and exciting—but are they just the warm feelings between brothers or is it something more?



Dawn- 14 mins

As dawn creeps across London, two lost outcasts meet in the darkness, more afraid of themselves than each other. As the sun begins to rise, and the veil of night is lifted, the pair are forced to look at themselves and face the harsh reality that life is sometimes what you make it, and that in the cold light of day, it takes more than the eyes to see inside a soul.



Mothers of God- 10 mins

When a lesbian couple discovers that they’re pregnant, they must come to terms with the fact that they may be carrying the second coming of Jesus.



Easy- a 3 Minute Love Story- 4 mins

Two high school guys are in love. One’s Christian, one’s Jewish. A father disapproves, the other’s parents are thrilled. Who cares that it’s not perfect? They got this.



Cold Feet- 6 mins

Minutes before his backyard wedding, Richie suddenly decides he’s not mature enough to be a husband. His best friend, Mike, discovers him freaking out in the kitchen. Mike has five minutes to listen to Richie’s neurotic fears, calm him down, and convince him to walk back outside and get married.



Caged- 18 mins

Karrisa and Chris Kline have been happily married for six years. At least that is what Karrisa thought. During a dinner party to celebrate her husband’s new promotion, Karrisa’s life begins to fall apart when a secret starts to circulate among the party guests.

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November 5, 2016
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Warsaw Federal Incline Theater
801 Matson Pl
Cincinnati, OH 45204 United States
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(513) 241-6550