Youth Program

The Cincinnati Film Society’s  Youth Critics Club gives students the opportunity to discuss films and their relevance to world culture through a specially developed curriculum and writing assignment, learn video production from pre to post, and learn about science and technology behind the making of past and present movies.

CFS Youth Critics Club

  1. The Film Club component will create and develop critical thinking skills with the participants in relation to the cultural and artistic significance of film through the specially developed curriculum.
  2. Film Club participants will attend lecture events led by industry professionals.
  3. Writing Essay

Reel News

  1. The Reel News component will give youth the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with Hollywood and independent filmmakers. The students will act as correspondents and editors for the CFS news program and paper – writing the interview questions and conducting the interviews in addition to being in charge of all production elements with support of CFS staff.
  2. The Reel News program will teach the youth about all elements involved in the production of web news programming and teach them communication skills.

Arts and Sciences 

  1. This program is to help create an unique aspiration to further advance the knowledge of science and technology in art and film.
  2. To engage students in the examination of film as an art form and a medium of communication
  3. To help students become more media literate, by learning how to raise the right questions about what they are watching, reading, and listening to.

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